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Open Source Intubation Shield (BADGER BOX) Available

What is the Badger Box?

It is an Open Source collaboaration between the University of Wisconsin Health, UW-Madison, and Tabsynth Design Works to produce an Intubation Shield with the added benefit of establishing negative pressure in box surrounding the patient, so as to provide and additional level of protection, from aerosolize virus.

Badger Box in the Test LabWhy the Badger Box?

Designed with Doctor Hau Le, at UW-Health, and extensively tested, and evaluated by University of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering, the Badger Box offers and ergonomic shield, with tapered and angled side walls to facilitate close interaction with minimal impact on the intubation procedure. It features four 150mm arm access ports, two 22mm ports for suction to provide negative pressure, 500mm of clearance about the table, all in a light weight, durable polycarbonate box.

The badger box

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