Terms and Conditions

   Add-on enclosures for your 3D printer DO NOT INCLUDE A PRINTER. These enclosure kits may not be appropriate for use on your printer. User/Installer assumes all responsibility for the appropriateness and function of this add-on kit. Installation instructions are for reference only. The installer is responsible for verifying the correct operation of the printer, following the installation, including verifying that all the linear motion systems are a free and clear PRIOR to operation of the printer. Ongoing periodic inspections are required to ensure that the enclosure continues to function correctly as designed.
   The manufacturer, TabSynth Design Works, is responsible only for manufacturing defects, and liability is limited to replacement of defective parts or refund. User assumes all other responsibility for the correct installation and use of this kit. These enclosures are not in any way licensed, approved, or supported by the printer manufacturer. The Lulzbot name is a registered trademark of Aleph Objects Inc. which does not endorse or authorize the use of any enclosure on their printers. Users install an enclosure at their own risk and acknowledge responsibility to evaluate and monitor the effect of the enclosure in their environment.