Lulzbot Mini Spool Arm Upgrade

We’ve developed an upgrade for the stock spool arm that comes with the Lulzbot Mini.
Here are the parts you will need to print in a zip file: Spool Arm Upgrade Parts

Folding Spool Arm
Folding Spool Arm
Arm Bracket
Backing Plate

The instructions are here: Spool Arm Replacement Instructions

What you will need to update your spool arm:

  1. Download and read the simple one page instructions.
  2. Download and print the parts you need to make the upgrade.
  3. You will need four (4) M3 x 20mm flathead machine screws.
  4. You’ll also need a 2mm hex wrench to remove the old arm.
  5. Lastly, you will need a 3mm hex wrench to assemble your new folding arm.

Have fun and print safely!