Fake Mouse Poop Novelty Prank Gift Joke


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Very realistic plastic mouse fecal matter analog. Hundreds of uses in the laboratory and in pranks and practical jokes. Aprox: .2 grams of very precisely machined ABS plastic fake mouse poop in a clear ziplok bag. Note: This Fake Poop is suitable for pranks* and general hilarity. It should not be used for fraud, or nefarious purposes. * by definition a prank has a fixed short duration, at the conclusion of which, the truth is revealed and everyone laughs. Extended torment and intentional infliction of mental distress, with this product is not permitted, nor is fraudulent acts or intentional infliction of financial burdens on landlords or restaurateurs. Please prank with caution and love. Not recommended for use on individuals with OCD, complulsive cleaning disorders, or musophobia. Free shipping in the U.S.A.

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Dimensions 6 × 8 × .1 in


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