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 This Precision Acrylic enclosure by TabSynth Design Works LLC, is designed for the Lulzbot Mini 3D printer. Our enclosure fits closely into the panel openings on your printer reducing drafts on the print platform, the tendency for warping on larger prints, and improving print quality. Our enclosure is meant to reduce the environmental variables that can adversely impact your printing.
 Our quick and tool free tab-and-slot assembly is easy to install and doesn’t modify your printer frame. This enclosure includes side, bay and back insert panels for your 3D printer as well as a latched front panel with hinged door. Also included is a bracket for mounting a removable spool arm. Should you choose to modify or print a new spool arm, visit our Lulzbot Mini Spool Arm Upgrade page.
 TabSynth Design Works warrants this product against manufacturing defects only.

Printer not included.

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Dimensions 15 × 11 × 2 in

2 reviews for Enclosure for Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mo Sheldon (verified owner)

    I ordered the TabSynth enclosure for my Lulzbot Mini. It arrived in a few days after purchase. First, I am extremely impressed on the design and fit of this enclosure. Clearly a lot of time, thought, and development went into this project and I commend TabSynth Design Works on this work. I am very pleased with final outcome and the gorgeous enclosure for my Mini.

    Here are my observations and recommendations on unboxing, directions, assembly, fit and use.

    Package and Unboxiing:
    The packing could be greatly improved. The carboard box it arrived in was flimsy. There was a little bubble wrap to protect the pieces; much more would have been highly recommended. Also, there were two pieces of white styrafoam that were simply awful. The styrafoam easily breaks into tiny balls in shipment and they statically stick like crazy to the acrylic and go everywhere. On careful inspection, all the parts arrived unbroken and in good shape, but covered in tiny styrafoam balls. Required an extra 30 minutes of cleanup with tape and wet towels. Yuk, not much fun, and an awful introduction to an otherwise excellent product.

    Assembly Directions:
    They are very good with clear directions, diagrams and writing. I did watch the video online prior to assembly that was an excellent tutorial and was very helpful to my assembly. The numbering system on the pieces in the manual was fantastic, but it would have been extremely helpful if the individual pieces were numbered as well to match the printed directions. It took me an extra 30-45 minutes to sort out which part goes where. And even then I got it wrong twice.

    Parts Assembly:
    The acrylic pieces all had removeable protective backing on them. Took me about 20 minutes to remove the backing from all the pieces. The pieces all aligned perfectly and went together superbly. No surprises. Again, it was very helpful that I watched the online assembly video prior to my assembly.

    Fit and Finish:
    The fit of the pieces on the printer is excellent. Tolerances are tight with a nice margin of play. All the pieces can be easily removed and reinstalled in seconds. Very nice!!!

    Imporvements in Design:
    1) The front door is a bit too small, I would have preferred a larger openning. It does work ok.
    2) Perhaps in the next design the front panel can have two swinging doors to accommodate this larger openning? I’d be happy to be a test subject.

    Final Thoughs:
    Yes, packing and assembly directions could be improved. That said, once assembled, this is a fantastic, quality enclosure and well worth the money and time spent to get it installed.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pete Allum (verified owner)

    I ordered this enclosure for my LulzBot Mini as it appeared to be a better design than the one offered by LulzBot themselves. As I live in the UK I was not expecting a fast delivery. Although the package was sent very promptly it was delayed slightly in customs and there was some duty to pay which I was able to do online and the package was delivered the next working day.
    The package was smaller than I had expected and despite travelling across continents had only slight signs of such a journey. Having recently received several products sent nationally in a damaged state I was ready to find the contents broken but was pleasantly surprised that there was no damage to the contents whatsoever. There were no signs of expanded polystyrene, broken or otherwise – just lots of bubble wrap and pieces of cardboard to help brace the oddly shaped contents and prevent movement during shipping.
    The enclosed instructions were simple to follow and the diagram of all the parts made their identification easy. As I had previously watched the assembly video I had a good idea of how the kit fitted together so assembly was a breeze. I actually found the removal of the protective paper backing quite cathartic!
    All the pieces fitted well and the enclosure looks great!
    My only problem was with the optional top cover whereby one of the mounting clips was fouled by the top cover of the hot end when it’s in the home position. I was able to circumvent this as the top of the Z axis is set by a microswitch on the left back corner of the hot end assembly so by sticking a small block of plastic on the underside of the area of the structure where the microswitch makes contact I was able to lower the maximum height of the hotend by a few millimetres and prevent any contact between the hot end assembly and the top cover clips.
    Overall I am extremely happy with the enclosure as not only does it stop the buildup of dust on the printer mechanism but it should simultaneously reduce any airborne fumes from the molten plastic and enable more consistent results when printing with such materials as ABS and Nylon etc.

    • sabre1700 (verified owner)


      Thank you so much for the detailed and kind review. We are glad you are happy with your enclosure. With regards to the top panel, we’d like to help you resolve this issue. We’ve only seen these with a couple of other customers. We believe that the problem lies in the misalignment of the X axis rail. This occurs when one of the Z axis steppers misses steps. The symptom is relatively easy to diagnose. With the head at the top of the machine (Z maximum/default position), and with the printer turned off, manually slide the print head left and right while observing the height, relative to the top edge of the printer case (obviously with the top panel removed). If you see the print head moving at a noticeable angle, relative to the case, that indicates that the X axis has become misaligned. To correct, simply turn one or the other Z axis ACME screws, until the head tracks level.

      If you could have a look at the X axis alignment on your machine, I’d be curious to know if that might be the cause of the interference.

      While the Lulzbot’s software automatically corrects for this misalignment, it can build up to a point that it interferes with the top plate, and potentially can lead to binding in the Z axis. Shimming the microswitch, as you’ve done, can also work well.

      Jim Rasmussen
      TabSynth Design Works LLC
      1214 Gilson St
      Madison, WI 53715

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